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10 Attitudes.[2001].[eng].avi

100 Days Before The Command.[1990].[russian].[eng subs].avi   X
101 Reykjavik.[2000].[iceland].[eng subs].avi
15 - [2002].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
2 By 4.[1998].[eng].avi
20 Centimetros.[2005].[spanish].[no subs].avi         Trailer
200 American.[2003].[eng].avi   X          Trailer
24 Nights.[1999].[eng].avi          Trailer
3 Guys, 1 Girl, 2 Weddings.[2004].[french].[eng subs].avi         Trailer
5 X 2.[2004].[eng].srt
5 X 2.[2004].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
9 Dead Gay Guys     Trailer   TEXT


A_Big_Bang_Love_Juvenile    X     Trailer       TEXT
A Cause d’Un Garcon.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi    X      Trailer      TEXT
A Chorus Line.[1985].[eng].avi         Trailer
A Dirty Shame.[2004].[eng].avi          Trailer
A Home at the End of the World.[2004].[eng].avi          Trailer
A Midsummer Nights Rave.[2002].[eng].avi
A Night With Sabrina Love.[2000].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
A Separate Peace.[2004].[eng].avi   X    Trailer    TEXT
A Slice of Terror.[2004].[eng].wmv
A Taste Of Honey.[1961].[eng].avi
A Touch Of Fever.[1993].[japanese].[eng subs].avi     Trailer     TEXT
A Toute Vitesse.[1996].[french].[eng subs].avi   X
A Very Natural Thing.[1974].[eng].avi   X       Trailer         TEXT
A Waste of Shame.[2005].[eng].avi
Acla.[1992].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Adam & Steve.[2005].[eng].avi          Trailer
Adam & Yves.[1974].[eng].mpg
Adeus Pai          Trailer       TEXT
Adored - A Diary Of A Pornstar.[2002].[italian].[eng subs].avi    X  Trailer     TEXT
Advice From A Caterpillar.[1999].[eng].avi
Advise And Consent.[1962].[eng].avi
After Dark, My Sweet.[1990].[eng].avi
Agnes Und Seine Brüder.[2004].[german].[no subs].avi
AKA - Lies Are Like Wishes.[2002].[eng].avi
Alegre Ma Non Troppo Fernando.[1994].[spanish].[no subs].avi
Alexandria Why.[1978].[arabic].[eng subs].avi
Alive And Kicking-Indian Summer.[1996].[eng].avi
All Of Me      Trailer      TEXT
All Over The Guy.[2001].[eng].avi
All The Queen’s Men.[2001].[eng].avi
All The Rage.[1997].[eng].avi      X      Trailer        TEXT
Alles Wegen Benjamin   X
Almost Normal.[2005].[eng].avi
Amarelo Manga     Trailer
American Adobo.[2001].[eng].avi
American Beauty.[1999].[eng].avi
Amnesiea    Trailer    TEXT
Amor de Hombre   X   Trailer    TEXT
Amor En Concreto (Love In Concrete).[2003].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Amores Possiveis.[2001].[eng].srt
Amores Possiveis.[2001].[portugese].[sep.eng subs].avi
An Empty Bed.[1990].[eng].avi
Anatomy of Hell (Anatomie de l’Enfer).[2004].[eng].srt
Anatomy of Hell (Anatomie de l’Enfer).[2004].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
And Then Came Summer.[2000].[eng].avi
Angora Ranch.[2006].[eng].avi    X    Trailer      TEXT
Animal Factory.[2000].[eng].avi
Another Country.[1984].[eng].avi
Another Gay Movie.[2006].[eng].avi          Trailer
Antarctica    X   Trailer     TEXT
Antonios Secret    X     Trailer     TEXT
Apart From Hugh.[1994].[eng].avi
Apartment Zero.[1988].[eng].avi   X   Trailer    TEXT
Aquesta Nit O Mai.[1992].[spanish].[no subs].avi
Arabian Nights.[1974].[italian].[eng subs].avi
As Is.[1986].[eng].mpg
As Luck Would Have It.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi
Auto Focus.[2002].[eng].avi
Away (A)wake.[2005].[eng].avi
Azul Oscuro Casi Negro    X       Trailer       TEXT


B Monkey.[1998].[eng].avi
Baby Shark     Trailer     TEXT
Bad Education.[2004].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Baise-Moi         TEXT
Bathhouse (Phillippines) 2005   X       Trailer      TEXT
Bambola.[1996].[italian].[no subs].avi
Barnie Et Ses Petites Contrariétés.[2001].[french].[no subs].avi
Beautiful Boxer.[2003].[thai].[eng subs].avi    Trailer      Rapidshare links Cd1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Cd2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Beautiful Mystery.[1983].[japanese].[eng subs].avi

Beautiful Thing.[1996].[eng].avi   X                       Trailer
Bedrooms and Hallways.[1998].[eng].avi     Trailer       TEXT
Beefcake.[1998].[eng].mpg    Trailer    TEXT
Before Night Falls CD1.[2000].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Before Night Falls CD2.[2000].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Behind The Red Door.[2002].[eng].avi
Being at Home with Claude.[1992].[eng].srt
Being at Home with Claude.[1992].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Beloved Friend.[1999].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Ben & Arthur.[2002].[eng].avi
Best of Boys in Love.[1998].[eng].avi
Between Something and Nothing       Trailer     TEXT
Beverly Kills.[2005].[eng].avi
Big Eden.[2000].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT

Billy Elliot I wil dance          Trailer
Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss.[1998].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Birthday Time      Trailer      TEXT
Bishonen.[1998].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi          TEXT
Bizutage Mortel (Killer Bash).[2005].[french].[no subs].avi
Blackmail Boy (Oxygono).[2003].[greek].[eng subs].avi   X       TEXT
Blue Citrus Hearts.[2003].[eng].avi
Blues Harp.[1998].[eng].srt
Blues Harp.[1998].[japanese].[sep. eng subs].avi

Boat Trip.[2002].[eng].avi          Trailer
Bobby (Mon Petit Frere A Besoin De Nous).[2002].[french].[no subs].avi
Body Without Soul   X
Bollywood And Vine.[2004].[eng].avi
Bombay Boys.[1998].[eng].avi
Boogie Boy.[1998].[eng].avi
Boogie Nights.[1997].[eng].avi
Borstal Boy.[2000].[eng].avi     X     Trailer          TEXT
Boxer Shorts - 5 Short Films.[2002].[eng].avi
Boy Culture     X     Trailer          TEXT
Boy Wonderz.[1999].[eng].avi
Boys Briefs 1.[1999].[eng].avi
Boys Briefs 2.[2002].[eng].avi
Boys Briefs 3.rar
Boys Don’t Cry.[1999].[eng].avi   X
Boys Life 1.[1995].[eng].avi
Boys Life 2.[1997].[eng].avi
Boys Life 3.[2000].[eng].avi
Boys Life 5.[2006].[eng or subs].avi
Boys To Men.[2001].[eng].avi
Breakfast On Pluto CD1.[2005].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Breakfast On Pluto CD2.[2005].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Breakfast with scott       Trailer        TEXT
Breaking The Code.[1996].[eng].avi
Breaking The Cycle.[2002].[eng].avi
Breaking The Surface.[1997].[eng].avi
Bright Young Things.[2003].[eng].avi
Broadway Damage.[1997].[eng].avi

Brokeback Mountain 1-2.[2005].[eng].avi   X
Brokeback Mountain 2-2.[2005].[eng].avi
Broken Hearts Club.[2000].[eng].avi   X
Broken Sky          Trailer          TEXT
Brother To Brother.[2004].[eng].avi
Brothers Of The Head.[2005].[eng].avi
Bugis Street.[1995].[eng].avi
Bulgarian Lovers.[2003].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Burlesk King.[1999].[filippine].[eng subs].avi
Burnt Money.[2000].[eng].srt
Burnt Money.[2000].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Butch Camp.[1996].[eng].avi
Buying The Cow.[2002].[eng].avi


C.R.A.Z.Y.[2005].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Cabaret.[1972].[eng].avi      Trailer       TEXT
Cachorro (Bear Cub).[2004].[eng].srt
Cachorro (Bear Cub).[2004].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Callas Forever.[2002].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Calvaire.[2004].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Capturing The Friedmans.[2003].[eng].avi
Carandiru.[2003].[portugese].[eng subs].mpg
Caresses (Caricies - Caricias).[1997].[spanish].[no subs].mpg
Cazuza.[2004].[portugese].[eng subs].avi
Center Stage (ballet).[2000].[eng].avi
Ceux Qui m’Aiment Prendront Le Train.[1998].[french].[no subs].avi
Change Moi Ma Vie.[2001].[french].[no subs].avi
Chicken Tikka Masala.[2005].[eng].avi
Chill Out.[1999].[german].[eng subs].avi
Chocolate Babies.[1997].[eng].avi
ChouChou.[2003].[french].[no subs].avi          TEXT
Chuck & Buck.[2000].[eng].avi
Ciao       Trailer       TEXT

Citizen Cohn.[1992].[Dual eng-spanish].avi
Class Trip    X       Trailer           TXT
Cleopatra’s Second Husband.[1998].[eng].avi
Close To Leo.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi
Cock And Bull Story,[2003].[eng].avi
Colegas.[1982].[spanish].[no subs].avi
Colour Me Kubrick.[2005].[eng].avi
Come Undone.[2000].[french].[eng subs].avi   X          Trailer
Come Undone.[2000].[german].[no subs].avi
Coming Out Party.[2003].[eng].avi
Coming Out.[1989].[eng].srt
Coming Out.[1989].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi
Comme Un Frere.[2005].[eng].srt
Comme Un Frere.[2005].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Comme les Autres       Trailer      TEXT
Common Ground.[2000].[eng].mpg
Connie And Carla.[2004].[eng].avi
Consenting Adult.[1985].[eng].mpg
Conspiracy Of Silence.[2003].[eng].avi
Conversation Piece (Visconti).[1974].[eng].avi
Courts Mais Gay - Volume 3-
Cowboys & Angels.[2003].[eng].avi   X
Crazy Richard.[2002].[eng].avi
Criminal Lovers (Les Amants Criminels).[1999].[eng].srt
Criminal Lovers (Les Amants Criminels).[1999].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Crocodile Tears.[1998].[eng].avi
Cronicamente Inviável (Chronically Unfeasible).[2000].[portugese].[sep. eng subs].avi
Cronicamente Inviável.[2000].[eng].srt

Crustaces Et Coquillages (Cote d’Azur).[2005].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Crustaces Et Coquillages[2005].[eng].sub
Cuernos de Espuma (Shampoo Horns).[1998].[spanish].[no subs].avi
Cut Sleeve Boys     Trailer     TEXT

Curse Of The Queerwolf.[1988].[eng].mpg


Dakan.[1997].[french].[eng subs].avi

Danny in the Sky.[2001].[eng].avi
Dark Harbor.[1998].[eng].avi
Das Ende Des Regenbogens.[1979].[german].[no subs].avi   X
Das Trio   X
David Searching.[1997].[eng].avi
Daydream Obsession 2.[2004].[eng].wmv
Daydream Obsession.[2004].[eng].mpg
Days (Giorni).[2001].[italian].[eng subs].avi
De Salto Alto     Trailer    TEXT
De Vierde Man (The Fourth Man).[1983].[dutch].[ no subs].avi
Dead Guys 1-2.[2003].[eng].mpg
Dead Guys 2-2.[2003].[eng].mpg
Deadly Skies-Force Of Impact.[2005].[eng].avi
Death In Venice 1of2.[1971].[eng].avi
Death In Venice 2of2.[1971].[eng].avi
Defying Gravity.[1997].[eng].avi
Der Bewegte Mann.[1994].[german].[no subs].avi
Der Einstein des Sex.[1999].[german].[eng subs].avi
Der Fangschuss.[1976].[eng].srt
Der Fangschuss.[1976].[german].[sep.eng subs].avi
Der Totmacher.[1995].[eng].srt
Der Totmacher.[1995].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi
Desperate Living.[1977].[eng].avi
Die Mommie Die.[2003].[eng].avi
Die Summe Der Gefühle (The Sum Of Us).[1994].[german].[no subs].avi
Different For Girls.[1996].[eng].avi
Different From the Others.[1919].[eng].wmv
Dirty Loundry          Trailer          TEXT
Doing Time On Maple Drive.[1992].[eng].avi          TEXT
Dona Herlinda And Her Son.[1985].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.[ 2002].[eng].mpg
Don’t Tell Anyone (No Se Lo Digas A Nadie).[1998].[eng].srt
Don’t Tell Anyone (No Se Lo Digas A Nadie).[1998].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Dorian Blues.[2004].[eng].avi   X
Doubt (Duda).[2003].[filippine].[eng subs].avi
Down The River.[thai].[eng subs].avi
Dream Boy       Trailer     TEXT
Drifting (Nagu’a).[1983].[israeli].[eng subs].wmv
Drole de Felix (Adventures of Felix) (french)   X


East is East.[1999].[eng].avi

East Palace, West Palace.[1996].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
East Side Skin.[eng].avi

Eating Out.[2004].[eng].avi   X
Eban And Charley.[2000].[eng].avi
Echte Kerle (Regular Guys).[1996].[german].[eng subs].avi
Ed Wood.[1994].[eng].avi        Trailer        TEXT
Eden’s Curve.[2003].[eng].avi       Trailer       TEXT

Edge Of Seventeen.[1998].[eng].avi   X      Trailer    TEXT
Edward II.[1991].[eng].avi
Eddie Izzard     Trailer      TEXT
Eine Aussergewoehnliche Affaere (An Unusual Affair).[2002].[eng].srt
Eine Aussergewoehnliche Affaere (An Unusual Affair).[2002].[German].[sep. eng subs].avi
El Diputado.[1979].[spanish].[no subs].avi
El Diputado.[spanish].[eng subs].avi
El Lugar Sin Limites (The place Without Limits).[1978].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
El Mar.[2000].[spanish].[eng subs].avi       Trailer     TEXT
El otro lado de la cama       Trailer      TEXT
El Polaquito.[2003].[eng].srt
El Polaquito.[2003].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
El Sueno de Ibiza.[2002].[eng].srt
El Sueño de Ibiza.[2002].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Eleven Men Out.[2005].[iceland].[eng subs].avi
En La Ciudad Sin Limites (The City Of No Limits).[2002].[eng].srt
En La Ciudad Sin Limites (The City Of No Limits).[2002].[spanish].sep. eng subs].avi
En Males Companieras          Trailer          TEXT
Enduring Love.[2004].[eng].avi
Enter The Clowns (Cui Zi En).[2001].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
Enter The Phoenix.[2004].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi
Enter The Phoenix.[2004].[eng].srt
Entertaining Mr Sloane.[1970.[eng].avi
Erdbeer Und Schokolade (Fresa Y Chocolate),[1994].[german].[no subs].avi
Ernesto (Salvatore Samperi).[1979].[italian].[no subs].avi
Ernesto.[1979].[italian].[eng subs].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Erstes Mal.[2000].[german].[no subs].avi
Eternal Summer           TEXT
Ethan Mao.[2004].[eng].avi

Europa Europa.[1990].[eng].srt
Europa Europa.[1990].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi
Evening     Trailer   
Everyone.[2004].[eng].avi       Trailer       Text
Exposed - The Making Of A Legend.[2005].[eng].avi


Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema.[2006].[eng].avi
Facing Windows (La Finestra Di Fronte).[2003].[eng].srt
Facing Windows (La Finestra Di Fronte).[2003].[italian].[sep. eng subs].avi
Fag Hag (Okoge).[1992].[japanese].[eng subs].avi
Fake ID.[2003].[eng].avi
Fall Time.[1995].[eng].avi
Fashion Victims     Trailer     TEXT
Faustrecht Der Freiheit - Fox and his Friends    Trailer    TEXT
FAQs.[2005].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Far From Heaven.[2002].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Far Side Of The Moon.[2003].[eng].srt
Far Side Of The Moon.[2003].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Farewell My Concubine 1of2.[1993].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
Farewell My Concubine 2of2.[1993].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
Farinelli Il Castrato.[1994].[french].[eng subs].avi
Father And Son.[2003].[eng].sub
Father Knows      Trailer      TEXT
Father And Son.[2003].[russian].[sep. eng subs].avi
Faustrecht der Freiheit.[1975].[eng].srt      Trailer      TEXT
Faustrecht der Freiheit.[1975].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi
Feeding Boys Ayaya.[2003].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
Fighting Tommy Riley.[2005].[eng].avi
Fire Island Complete.[1999].[eng].zip
First Love And Other Pains.[1999].[eng].mpg
Fixing Frank.[2002].[eng].avi          TEXT
Fleeing By Night.mpg
Flesh - Andy Warhol & Paul Morrissey.[1968].[eng].avi
Fogi is a Bastard.[1998].[french].[eng subs].avi

Food Of Love.[2002].[eng].avi   X
For A Lost Soldier.[1992].[dutch].[eng subs].avi   X
Forgive and Forget.[2000].[eng].avi    X     Trailer        TEXT

Formula 17.[2004].[taiwanese].[eng subs].avi          Trailer     TEXT
Fortune And Men’s Eyes.[1971].[eng].avi
Four Weddings And A Funeral.[1994].[eng].avi
Friends And Family.[2001].[eng].avi
From The Edge Of The City.[1998].[greek].[eng subs].avi
Führer Ex.[2002].[german].[no subs].avi


Garcon Stupide.[2004].[eng].srt   X    Trailer     TEXT   
Garcon Stupide.[2004].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Georges Bataille’s Story Of The Eye.[2004].[eng].avi

Get Real.[1998].[eng].avi     Trailer     TEXT   X
Get Your Stuff.[2000].[eng].avi
Gerry    X   Trailer      TEXT
Ghosts Of The Civil Dead.[1988].[eng].avi
Girls Will Be Girls.[2003].[eng].avi
Glen Or Glenda.[1953].[eng].avi     Trailer    TEXT
Glitter & Queer.[music clips].avi
Go West.[2005].[bosnia].[no subs].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Go.[1999].[eng].avi       Trailer      
Gods and Monsters.[1998].[eng].avi
Gods of Olympia.[2002].[eng].avi      Trailer        TEXT
Gohatto (Taboo).[1999].[japanese].[eng subs].avi
Going Greek.[2001].[eng].avi
Goldfish Memory.[2003].[eng].avi     Trailer
Gone But Not Forgotten.[2003].[eng].avi
Gone Pink.[1998].[eng].avi
Good And Bad At Games.[1983].[eng].avi
Gossenkind.[1992].[german].[no subs].avi     X

Grande Ecole.[2004].[french].[eng subs].avi          Trailer
Green Plaid Shirt.[1997].[eng].avi
Group Therapy.[2004].[eng].avi
Guys & Balls.[2004].[german].[eng subs].avi
Guys and Balls (Manner Wie Wir) CD 1.[2004].[german].[no subs].avi          Trailer      TEXT       TOP
Guys and Balls (Manner Wie Wir) CD 2.[2004].[german].[no subs].avi          Trailer      TEXT       TOP
Guys Gone Wild - Dude Where’s My Pants.[2005].[eng].avi
Guys Gone Wild - Frat Boys.[2004].[eng].avi
Guys Gone Wild - Heat Stroke.[2005].[eng].avi
Guys Gone Wild - The Big Easy.[2005].[eng].avi
Guys Gone Wild.[2004].[eng].avi
Gypsy 83.[2001].[eng].avi
Gypsy Boys.[1999].[eng].avi



Hamam - The Turkish Bath.[1997].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Hairspray      Trailer      TEXT
Half A Person      X     Trailer     TEXT
Happy Birthday.[2002].[eng].avi
Happy Endings 1-2.[2005].[eng].[NL Subs].avi
Happy Endings 2-2.[2005].[eng].[NL Subs].avi
Happy Texas.[1999].[eng].avi
Happy Together.[1997].[chinese].[eng subs].avi    Trailer     TEXT
Hard Pill.[2005].[eng].avi
Harem Suare 1-2.[1999].[eng].srt
Harem Suare 1-2.[1999].[turkish.[sep. eng subs].avi
Harem Suare 2-2.[1999].[eng].srt
Harem Suare 2-2.[turkish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Harry + Max.[2004].[eng].avi   X
Hate Crime.[2005].[eng].avi      Trailer     TEXT
Head On.[1998].[eng].avi
Heaven’s A Drag (To Die For).[1994].[eng].avi
Hedwig And The Angry Inch.[2001].[eng].avi
Hellbent.[2004].[eng].avi     Trailer     TEXT
Hey Happy          TEXT
High Art   X
Hildes Reise (Hilde’s Journey).[2004].[eng].srt
Hildes Reise (Hilde’s Journey).[2004].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi
His Secret Life (Le Fate Ignoranti).[2001].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Hit and Runway.[1999].[eng].avi
Hollow Reed.[1996].[eng].avi
Home For The Holidays.[1995].[eng].avi
Homo Heights.[1998].[eng].avi
Hotel Room.[1998].[eng].avi
Hotel Y Domicilio.[1995].[spanish].[no subs].avi
Hush!.[2001].[japanese].[eng subs].avi
Hustler White.[1996].[eng].avi
Hymypoika.[2003].[finnish].[sep. eng subs].avi


I Couldn’t Care Less (Me Da Igual).[2000].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
I Don’t Kiss (J’Embrasse Pas).[1991].[french].[no subs].avi
I Like You, I Like You Very Much.[1994].[japanese].[eng subs].mpg
I Love You Baby.[2001].[eng].srt
I Love You Baby.[2001].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
I Love You, Man     Trailer     TEXT
I Think I Do.[1997].[eng].avi          TEXT
Ice Men.[2004].[eng].avi          TEXT
If You Only Knew.[2000].[eng].avi
Il Decameron part 1 - Pasolini.[1971].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Il Decameron part 2 - Pasolini.[1971].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Il Piu Bel Giorno Della Mia Vita (The Best Day Of My Life).[2002].[italian].[sep. dutch subs].avi
Il Piu Bel Giorno Della Mia Vita.[2002].[dutch].srt
I’ll Always Be Anthony.[1996].[eng].avi
In & Out.[1997].[eng].avi

In A Glass Cage.[1987].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
In Extremis.[2000].[french].[eng subs].avi
In the Closed      Trailer    TEXT
In The Flesh.[1998].[eng].avi
Infamia      Trailer      TEXT
Insatiability (Nienasycenie) CD1.[2003].[polish].[eng subs].avi
Insatiability (Nienasycenie) CD2.[2003].[polish].[eng subs].avi
Interview With the Vampire.[1994].[eng].avi
Iron Ladies 2.[2003].[thai].[no subs].avi
Irreversible.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi
Issues 101.[2002].[eng].avi
It’s In The Water.[1997].[eng].avi
It’s My Party.[1996].[eng].avi
Ixe - Lionel Soukaz.[1980].[eng].avi


J’ai Pas Sommeil.[1993].[french].[no subs].avi
Jeffrey.[1995].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Jet Boy.[2001].[eng].avi
Joki.[2001.[finnish].[sep.eng subs].avi
Just A Question Of Love.[2000].[french].[eng subs].avi
Just One Time.[1999].[eng].avi    Trailer    TEXT


Karlekens Sprak.[2000.2004].[swedish].[no subs].avi
Kids in the Hall - Brain Candy.[1996].[eng].avi
Killer Condom.[1996].[german].[eng subs].avi
Kinky Boots.[2005].[eng].avi
Kira Kira Hikaru.[1992].[japanese].[eng subs].wmv
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.[2005].[eng].avi
Kiss Me Guido.[1997].[eng].avi       Trailer       TEXT
Kiss Of The Spider Woman 1of2.[1985].[eng].avi
Kiss Of The Spider Woman 2of2.[1985].[eng].avi
KM.0 - Kilometer Zero.[2000].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Kostbare Augenblicke   X


L.I.E.[2001].[eng].avi   X
La Cage Aux Folles 1.[1978].[french].[eng subs].avi
La Cage Aux Folles 2.[1980].[french] [eng subs].avi
La Cage Aux Folles 3.[1980].[french] [eng subs].avi    Trailer    TEXT
La Chatte à Deux Têtes.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi
La Confusion des Genres.[2000].[eng].srt
La Confusion des Genres.[2000].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
La_Derni_re_Cigarette       Trailer    TEXT
La Fete Des Peres.[1990].[french].[no subs].avi
La Mala Educacion          X      Trailer       TEXT
La Meilleure Facon De Marcher.[1976].[eng].srt
La Meilleure Facon De Marcher.[1976].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
La Ville Dont Le Prince Est Un Enfant.[1997].[eng].srt
La Ville Dont Le Prince Est Un Enfant.[1997].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Labyrinth of Passion (Laberinto de Pasiones).[1982].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Lan Yu.[2001].[chinese].[eng subs].mpg
Last Days.[2005].[eng].avi
Latin Boys Go To Hell.[1997].[eng].[french subs].avi

Latter Days.[2003].[eng].avi   X          Trailer          TEXT
Law Of Desire.[1987].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Lawless Heart.[2001].[eng].avi
Lawn Dogs.[1997].[eng].avi

Le Clan (3 Dancing Slaves).[2004].[french].[eng subs].avi    X    Trailer
Le Confessionnal.[1995].[french].[no subs].avi
Le Homme de As Vie
Le Placard.[2001].[eng].srt    Trailer    TEXT      Trailer      TEXT
Le Placard.[2001].[eng].sub   Trailer    TEXT
Le Placard.[2001].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Le Soleil Assassine.[2003].[french].[no subs].avi
Le Temps Qui Reste (Time To Leave).[2005].[eng].srt
Le Temps Qui Reste (Time To Leave).[2005].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Leather Jacket Love Story.[1997].[eng].mpg
Leaving Metropolis.[2002].[eng].avi
L’Ennemi Naturel.[2005].[french].[eng subs].avi
Les Amities Particulieres.[1964].[french].[eng subs].avi    Trailer    TEXT
Les Amoureux.[1994].[french].[no subs].avi
Les Nuits Fauves (Savage Nights).[1992].[french].[no subs].avi
Les Voleurs      Trailer     TEXT
Les Petits Fils.[2004].[french].[no subs].avi

L’Escorte.[1996].[french].[no subs].avi   X     Trailer    TEXT
Less Than Zero.[1987].[eng].avi
L’Homme Est Une Femme Comme Les Autres.[1998].[french].[no subs].avi
Lie Down With Dogs.[1995].[eng].avi     Trailer     TEXT
Like a Brother      TEXT
Like Grains Of Sand.[1995].[japanese].[sep. eng subs].avi
Like Grains Of Sand.1995.[eng].srt
Like It Is.[1998].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT

Lisistrata.[2003].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi

Locked Up.[2004].[german].[eng subs].avi     Trailer     TEXT
Locked Up.[2004].Deleted Scenes.avi

Loggerheads.[2005].[eng].avi      Trailer      TEXT
Lola And Bilidikid.[1999].[german].[eng subs].avi        TEXT
Lonesome Cowboys.[1969].[eng].avi
Longtime Companion.[1990].[eng].avi   X          Trailer          TEXT
Looking For Langston.[1988].[eng].avi
Los Placeres Ocultos.[1977].[spanish].[no subs].avi
Lost and Delicious      Trailer      TEXT
Lost In The Pershing Point Hotel.[2000].[eng].avi

Love And Death On Long Island.[1997].[eng].avi   X
Love and Human Remains.[1993].[eng].avi
Love Forbidden.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi
Love in Thoughts.[2004].[eng].srt    Trailer    TEXT
Love In Thoughts.[2004].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi   Trailer    TEXT
Love is the Devil.[1998].[eng].avi
Love! Valour! Compassion!.[1997].[eng].avi

Luster.[2002].[eng].avi   X


M. Butterfly.[1993].[eng].avi
Ma Vie En Rose     Trailer       TEXT
Macho Dancer.[1988].[filippine] [eng subs].avi
Madame Sata.[2002].[eng].srt
Madame Sata.[2002].[portugese].[sep. eng subs].avi
Making Love.[1982].[eng].avi
Mambo Italiano.[2003].[eng].avi
Man Of Ashes (Rih Essed).[1986].[tunisian].[eng subs].avi
Manay Po.[2006].[filipino].[eng subs].avi

Mandragora.[1997].[czech].[eng subs].avi   X
Mango Souffle.[2002].[eng].avi
Map Of Sex And Love (Qingse Ditu).[2001].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
Marciando Nel Buio (Mon Capitaine un Homme d’Honneur).[1995].[french].[no subs].avi
Markova.[2000].[filippine].[eng subs].avi
Martín (Hache).[1997].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake CD1.[1996].[eng].avi
Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake CD2.[1996].[eng].avi

Mein Wahres Leben In Der Provinz    X
Men Men Men.[1995].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Ménage (Tenue De Soirée).[1986].[french].[no subs].avi
Merci Docteur Rey.[2002].[eng].srt
Merci Docteur Rey.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi
Mery Per Sempre (Forever Mary).[1989].[italian].[no subs].avi
Metrosexuality (complete).[1999].[eng].zip
Michael.[1924].[german].[french subs].avi
Midnight Cowboy.[1969].[eng].avi

Midnight Dancers.[1995].[filippine].[eng subs].avi   X          TEXT
Midnight Express       Trailer     TEXT
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.[1997].[eng].avi
Mil Nubes de Paz (Thousand Clouds of Peace).[2003].[eng].srt   X
Mil Nubes de Paz (Thousand Clouds of Peace).[2003].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Milk - A Gus van Saint Film (2008)      Trailer
Miller’s Crossing.[1990].[eng].avi
Monster In Law.[2005].[eng].avi
Moon 44.[1990].[eng].avi
Mostly Unfabulous Social Life Of Ethan Green.[1995].[eng].avi
Mouth To Mouth (Boca A Boca).[1995].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Mr.Smith Gets A Hustler.[2002].[eng].avi
Murder in Portland.[2002].[eng].avi
Muscle.[1989].[japanese].[eng subs].avi
My Beautiful Laundrette.[1985].[eng].avi
My Brother Niki   X
My Best Friends Wedding.[1997].[eng].avi
My First Suit & Clay Farmers.[1988].[eng].avi
My Hustler.[1965].[eng].avi
My Life In Pink (Ma Vie En Rose).[1997].[french].[eng subs].avi
My Life on Ice.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi

My Own Private Idaho.[1991].[eng].avi
My Private Teaser     Trailer    TEXT
My Wife Maurice.[2002].[french].[eng subs].avi
Myra Breckinridge.[1970].[eng].avi
Mysterious Skin.[2004].[eng].avi


Naked Fame.[2004].[eng].avi
Naked Boys Singing   Trailer     TEXT
Naked Lunch.[1991].[eng].avi
Naken.[1993].[swedish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Napola (Before The Fall).[2004].[eng].avi          Trailer
Napola (Before The Fall).[2004].[german].[sep. eng subs].srt
Nerolio.[1996].[italian].[no subs].avi
Nettoyage À Sec.[1997].[french].[no subs].avi
Neurosia-50 Jahre Pervers.[1995].[german].[eng subs].avi
Never Met Picasso.[1996].[eng].avi
Nico and Dani Krampack.[2000].[spanish].[eng subs].avi   X       TEXT
Night Scene.[2004].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
Night Watch (Ronda Nocturna).[2005].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Nine Dead Gay Guys.[2002].[eng].avi
Nine Lives.[2004].[eng].avi        Trailer       TEXT
No Night Is Too Long.[2002].[eng].avi
No One Sleeps.[2000].[eng].avi   X

No Ordinary Love.[1994].[eng].avi   X
No Skin Off My Ass.[1991].[eng].avi

Not Angels But Angels.[1994].[czech].[eng subs].avi  X
Not Love Just Frenzy (Más Que Amor, Frenesí).[1996].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Nous Etions Un Seul Homme (We Were One Man).[1979].[eng].srt
Nous Etions Un Seul Homme (We Were One Man).[1979].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi


O Fantasma.[2000].[portugese].[eng subs].avi
Oi! Warning.[1999].[german].[no subs].avi
Okay.[2002].[danish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Olivier, Olivier.[1992].[french].[eng subs].avi
On Line.[2002].[eng].avi
On The Bus.[2001].[eng].avi
One to Another       Trailer     TXT
Open Cam.[2005].[eng].avi
Oranges are not the only fruit    Trailer    TEXT
Ordinary Sinner.[2001].[eng].avi
Other Voices Other Rooms.[1995].[eng].avi
Our Fathers CD1.[2005].[eng].avi
Our Fathers CD2.[2005].[eng].avi
Our Happy Lives (Nos Vies Heureuses) 1-2 [1999].[eng].srt
Our Happy Lives (Nos Vies Heureuses) 1-2.[1999].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Our Happy Lives (Nos Vies Heureuses) 2-2.[1999].[eng].srt
Our Happy Lives (Nos Vies Heureuses) 2-2.[1999].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Our Lady of the Assassins.[2000].[spanish].[eng subs].avi    Trailer     TEXT
Our Sons.[1991].[eng].avi
Out of Hand          TRAILER      TEXT
Out of the City (Cesta Z Mesta).[2000].[czech].[sep. eng subs].avi
Out of the City (Cesta Z Mesta).[2000].[eng].sub


P. S. Your Cat Is Dead.[2002].[eng].avi
Paragraph 175.[2000].[eng].srt
Paragraph 175.[2000].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi
Parallel Sons.[1995].[eng].avi
Paris, France (Paris, Francia).[1993].[spanish].[no subs].avi
Paris jet aime    Trailer    TEXT
Parting Glances.[1986].[eng].avi
Party Boys - Circuit.[2001].[eng].avi
Party Monster.[2003].[eng].avi
Pas de Repos Pour Les Braves.[2003].[eng].srt
Pas De Repos Pour Les Braves.[2003].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Patrick Age 1,5    Trailer    TEXT
Pedale Douce.[1996].[french].[no subs].avi
Perdona Bonita Pero Lucas Me Queria A Mi.[1997].[spanish].[no subs].avi
Peter’s Friends.[1992].[eng].avi

Pianese Nunzio 14 Anni a Magio   X
Piccadilly Pickups.[2000].[eng].avi
Pilates Secrets, Nude Basic Mat Workout.[eng].mpg
Pink Narcissus.[1971].[eng].avi
Pixote.[1981].[portugese].[eng subs].avi
Playing By Heart.[1998].[eng].avi
Poison (3 Short Films - Hero. Horror, Homo).[1991].[eng].avi
Poltergay      Trailer     TEXT
Postcards From America.[1994].[eng].avi
Poster Boy.[2004].[eng].avi
Pourquoi Pas Moi (Why Not Me).[1999].[french].[eng subs].avi   X
Porno Holocaust     Trailer     TEXT
Pretend I’m Not Here.[2000].[eng].srt
Pretend I’m Not Here.[2000].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi     Trailer    TEXT
Pretty Boy.[1993].[danish].[eng subs].avi
Prick Up Your Ears.[1987].[eng].avi      Trailer         TEXT
Prince In Hell.[1993].[german].[eng subs].avi
Princesa.[2001].[portugese].[eng subs].avi
Prinz in Hölleland.[1993].[german].[no subs].mpg

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert.[1994].[eng].avi
Privates On Parade.[1982].[eng].avi
Prom Queen.[2004].[eng].avi
Proteus.[2003].[eng].avi   X    Trailer     TEXT
Psycho Beach Party.[2000].[eng].avi
Puppetry of the Penis.[2001].[eng].mpg
Pusong Mamon 1of2.[1998].[eng].srt
Pusong Mamon 1of2.[1998].[filipino].[sep. eng subs].mpg
Pusong Mamon 2of2.[1998].[eng].srt
Pusong Mamon 2of2.[1998].[filipino].[sep. eng subs].mpg
Put the Camera on Me.[2003].[eng].avi
Puta De Oros.[1999].[eng].avi


Queer Duck The Movie.[2006].[eng].avi
Queer Story (Jilao Sishi).[1996].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi
Queer Story (Jilao Sishi).[1996].[eng].srt
Quiet Days In Hollywood.[1997].[eng].avi
Quingse Ditu (Map of Sex and Love) (2001) Hang Kong         TEXT

Ragazzi Fuori.[1990].[italian].[no subs].avi
Raising Heroes.[1996].[eng].mpg

Red Dirt.[2000].[eng].avi   X
Red Hot And Blue.[1990].[eng].avi
Reflections In A Golden Eye.[1967].[eng] .avi
Regarding Billy.[2005].[eng].avi      Trailer     TEXT
Reinas.[2005].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Relax Its Just Sex.[1998].[eng].avi
Resident Alien.[1990].[eng].avi
Return To Innocence.[2001].[eng].avi
Revenge In Olympia.[2003].[eng].wmv
Rice Rhapsody part 1of2.[2004].[chinese].[eng subs].mpg
Rice Rhapsody part 2of2.[2004].[chinese].[eng subs].mpg
Rites Of Passage.[1999].[eng].avi

River Made To Drown In.[1997].[eng].avi
Road Movie (Rodeu-Mubi) CD 1of2.[2002].[korean].[sep. eng subs].avi
Road Movie (Rodeu-Mubi) CD 2of2.[2002].[korean].[sep. eng subs].avi
Road Movie CD 1of2.[2002].[eng].srt
Road Movie CD 2of2.[2002].[eng].srt
Rock Haven          Trailer          TEXT
Running With Scissors 1-2.[2006].[eng].avi
Running With Scissors 2-2.[2006].[eng].avi


Sacred Silence (Pianese Nunzio).[1996].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Same Sex Parents.[2001].[french].[eng subs].avi
Saturday Night At The Baths.[1975].[eng].avi         
Saturday Night Live          
Trailer          TEXT
Satyricon.[1969].[italian].[sep. eng subs].avi
Sappho - Amor sem Limites    Trailer      TEXT
Saudade (Longing Sehnsucht).[2003].[german].[eng subs].avi
Save Me      Trailer      TEXT
Saving Private Tootsie vcd 1-2.[2002].[thai].[sep. eng subs].mpg
Saving Private Tootsie vcd 1-2.[eng].srt
Saving Private Tootsie vcd 2-2.[2002].[thai].[sep. eng subs].mpg
Saving Private Tootsie vcd 2-2.[eng].srt
Say Uncle.[2005.[eng].avi
Schlafes Bruder (Brother of Sleep).[1995].[german].[no subs].avi
Scotland Pa.[2001].[eng].avi
Sebastiane 1971 ital          Trailer     TEXT 

Sebastian - Freundschaft Oder Liebe.[1995].[german].[no subs] .avi          Trailer         TEXT
Sebastiane.[1976].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Second Skin.[1999].[spanish].[eng subs].avi    Trailer    TEXT
Secuestro Express.[2005].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
Sex, Politics & Cocktails.[2002].[eng].avi
Sex ist eine Welt für sich   X
Sexual Dependancy.[2003].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Sexual Dependency.[2003].[eng].srt
Shake It All About.[2001].[danish].[eng subs].avi
Shampoo Horns.[1998].[eng].avi
Shanghai Panic.[2001].[chinese].[eng subs].avi
Shem     X      Trailer      TEXT
Shortbus         Trailer       TEXT
Short Eyes.[1977].[eng].avi
Sideline Secrets.[2004].[eng].avi
Simon.[2004].[dutch].[no subs].avi
Sin Destino.[2002].[spanish].[eng subs].avi   X
Sister My Sister
Sitcom.[1998].[eng].srt          TEXT
Sitcom.[1998].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Six Degrees Of Separation,[1993].[eng].avi
Sixth Happiness.[1997].[eng].avi
Skin And Bone.[1996].[eng].avi

Sleepers 1of2.[1996].[eng].avi
Sleepers 2of2.[1996].[eng].avi
Sling Blade.[1996].[eng].avi
Slutty Summer.[2004].[eng].avi
Soldier’s Girl.[2003].[eng].mpg
Something for Everyone.[1970].[eng].avi

Sommersturm.[2004].[german].[no subs].avi   X          TRAILER    TOP
Son Frere.[2003].[french].[eng subs].avi
Song For A Raggy Boy.[2003].[eng].avi     X     TEXT
Sordid Lives.[2000].[eng].avi
Sorority Boys.[2002].[eng].avi
Speedway Junky.[1999].[eng].avi   X
Spetters.[1980].[dutch].[eng subs].avi
Spetters.[1980].[dutch].[no subs].avi
Spin The Bottle.[2000].[eng].avi
Splendid Float (Zero Chou).[2004].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi
Splendid Float (Zero Chou).[2004].[eng].srt
Stardust      Trailer       Text
Stage Beauty.[2004].[eng].avi
Sticks And Stones.[1970].[eng].avi
Stonewall & Riot.[2006].[eng].avi

Stonewall.[1995].[eng].avi   X
Story Of A Bad Boy.[1999].[eng].srt
Story Of A Bad Boy.[1999].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi
Straight Men And Men Who Love Them - (Spanish) (Eng Subs) (2005).avi          Trailer       TEXT
Straight Storry       Trailer    TEXT
Strange Bedfellows.[2004].[eng].avi     Trailer     TEXT
Strange Fruit.[2004].[eng].avi
Strawberry and Chocolate (Fresa Y Chocolate).[1994].[eng].srt
Strawberry and Chocolate (Fresa y Chocolate).[1994].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Stray Cats          TEXT
Strip Jack Naked aka Nighthawks 2.[1991].[eng].avi

Studio 54.[1998].[eng].avi
Suddenly,Last Summer.[1959].[eng].avi
Sugar.[2004].[eng].avi   X
Sunday Bloody Sunday.[1971].[eng].avi
Surge of Power.[2004].[eng].avi
Surrender Dorothy.[1998].[eng].avi


Taboo.[2002].[eng].avi    Trailer
Taboo-The Hit Musical By Boy George Act I.[2003].[eng].mpg
Taboo-The Hit Musical By Boy George Act II.[2003].[eng].mpg
Tan Lines      Trailer      TEXT
Taxi zum Klo.[1981].[german].[no subs].avi
Taxiboy - Vagon Fumador (Smokers Only).[2001].[eng].srt
Taxiboy - Vagon Fumador (Smokers Only).[2001].[spanish].[sep. eng subs].avi
Taxiboy - Vagon Fumador.[2001].[eng].srt
Testosterone.[2003].[eng].avi          Trailer         TEXT
Teenage Angst (2008) (german)   X
That Certain Summer.[1972].[eng].avi
The 24th Day.[2004].[eng].avi
The Adventures of Felix.[2000].[french].[eng subs].avi
The Adventures of Sebastian Cole.[1998].[eng].avi
The Angelic Conversation.[1985].[eng].avi
The Attack of the Giant Mousaka.[2000].[greek].[french subs].avi
The Badge.[2002].[eng].avi
The Basketball Diaries.[1995].[eng].avi
The Bay Boy.[1984].[eng].avi
The Big Brass Ring.[1999].[eng].avi

The Birdcage.[1996].[eng].avi
The Blue Hour (Die Blaue Stunde).[1992].[german].[eng subs].avi
The Boys and Girls Guide to getting down       Trailer      TEXT
The Boys In The Band.[1970].[eng].avi        Trailer      TEXT

The Boys of St. Vincent 1of2.[1992].[eng].avi
The Boys of St. Vincent 2of2.[1992].[eng].avi
The Brotherhood - Voodoo Academy.[2000].[eng].avi
The Boondock Saints       Trailer    TEXT

The Brotherhood 2 - Young Warlocks.[2001].[eng].avi
The Brotherhood III - Young Demons.[2002].[eng].avi
The Brotherhood.[2000].[eng].avi
The Child I Never Was.[2002].[german].[eng subs].avi
The Conformist (Il Conformista).[1970].[italian].[eng subs].avi

The Conrad Boys.[2006].[eng].avi   X          Trailer
The Consequence (Die Konsequenz).[1977].[german].[eng subs].avi
The Curiosity Of Chance      Trailer     TEXT
The Crying Game.[1992].[eng].avi
The Deadbeat Club.[2004].[eng].avi
The Decline of The American Empire.[1986].[eng].srt
The Decline of The American Empire.[1986].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
The Deep End.[2001].[eng].avi
The Delta.[1996].[eng].avi          TEXT
The Deviants.[2004].[eng].avi
The Devils Playground.[1976].[eng].avi
The Doom Generation.[1995].[eng].avi
The Dreamers.[2003].[eng].avi
The Dresser.[1983].[eng].avi
The Dying Gaul.[2005].[eng].avi
The Embalmer (L’Imbalsamatore).[2002].[italian].[eng subs].avi
The Event.[2003].[eng].avi
The Everlasting Secret Family.[1988].[eng].avi
The Five Senses.[1999].[eng].avi
The Flavor Of Corn (Sapore Del Grano).[1986].[italian].[eng subs].avi
The Fluffer.[2001].[eng].avi   X
The Fruit Machine.[1988].[eng].avi
The Garden.[1990].[eng].avi
The Gay Deceivers.[1969].[eng].avi
The Graffiti Artist.[2004].[eng].avi   X
The Groomsmen,[2006].[eng].avi

The Hanging Garden.[1997].[eng].avi   X
The History Boys    Trailer     TEXT
The Hotel New Hampshire.[1984].[eng].avi
The House Of Morecock (animation).avi
The House Of The Spirits        Trailer      TEXT
The Iron Ladies - Thai separate English subs.avi
The Iron Ladies.[eng].srt
The Iron Ladies.[thai].[sep. eng subs].avi
The Journey of Jared Price.[2000].[eng].avi
The King And The Clown 1-2.[2005].[korean].[eng].srt
The King And The Clown 1-2.[2005].[korean].[sep. eng subs].avi
The King And The Clown 2-2.[2005].[korean].[eng].srt
The King And The Clown 2-2.[2005].[korean].[sep. eng subs].avi
The Krays.[1990].[eng].avi
The Laramie Project.[2002].[eng].avi
The Last Day (Le Dernier Jour).[2004].[french].[eng subs].avi
The Last Of England.[1987].[eng].avi
The Last Year.[2002].[eng].avi
The Living End.[1992].[eng].avi
The Lost Language Of Cranes.[1991].[eng].avi
The Love Of A Man (Amor De Hombre).[1997].[spanish].[eng subs].avi
The M.O. of M.I. - Modus Operandi of Male Intimacy.[2003].[eng].avi
The Man I Love (L’Homme Que J’Aime).[1997].[eng].srt
The Man I Love (L’Homme Que J’aime).[1997].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
The Meatrack.[1970].[eng].avi
The Merchant of Four Seasons       Trailer      TEXT


The Mudge Boy.[2003].[eng].avi   X   Trailer    TEXT
The Music Lovers.[1970].[eng].vhs-rip.avi
The Naked Civil Servant.[1975].[eng].avi
The Next Best Thing.[2000].[eng].avi
The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me.[2000].[eng].avi
The Night Listener.[2006].[eng].avi
The Object Of My Affection.[1998].[eng].avi
The Opposite of Sex.[1998].[eng].avi
The Old Testament     Trailer    TEXT
The Perfect Son.[2000].[eng].avi
The Picture of Dorian Gray.[2004].[eng].avi
The Producers 1-2.[2005].[eng].avi
The Producers 2-2.[2005].[eng].avi
The Raspberry Reich.[2004].[eng].avi
The Reception.[2005].[eng].avi
The Ritz.[1976].[eng].avi
The River (He Liu).[1997].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi    Trailer    TEXT
The River (He Liu).[1997].[eng].srt
The Road To Love.[2001].[arabic-french].[eng subs].avi
The Rules Of Attraction.[2002].[eng].avi
The School of Flesh.[1998].[french].[eng subs].avi
The Second Coming + Dear Rock.[1995].[eng].avi
The Singing Forest.[2003].[eng].avi
The Slaughter Rule.[2002].[eng].avi
The Sum Of Us.[1994].[eng].avi

The Talented Mr Ripley.[1999].[eng].avi
The Tenderness Of The Wolves.[1973].[german].[eng subs].avi
The Terence Davies Trilogy.[1984].[eng].avi
The Toilers and the Wayfarers.[1996].[german].[eng subs].avi
The Trio.[1998].[german].[eng subs].avi
The Trip.[2002].[eng].avi
The Twilight of the Golds.[1997].[eng].avi
The Unknown Cyclist.[1998].[eng].avi
The Velocity Of Gary.[1998].[eng].avi
The Wayward Cloud.[2005].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi
The Wayward Cloud.[2005].[eng].srt
The Wedding Banquet.[1993].[eng].srt
The Wedding Banquet.[1993].[taiwanese].[eng subs].avi
The Wedding Video.[2003].[eng].avi
The Wedding.Banquet.[1993].[eng].srt
The Wolves of Kromer.[1998].[eng].avi          Trailer          TEXT
The Wounded Man (L’Homme Blesse).[1983].[french].[eng subs].avi
Thinking XXX.[2004].[eng].avi
Third Man Out.[2005].[eng].avi
Three Of Hearts.[1993].[eng].avi

Threesome.[1994].[eng].avi    Trailer
Tillsammans (Together).[2000].[danish].sep. eng subs].avi          TEXT
Tillsammans (Together).[2000].[eng].srt
Tiresia.[2003].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
To Play Or To Die.[1990].[dutch].[eng subs].mpeg
To Wong Foo (Thanks for Everything).[1995].[eng].avi    X   Trailer     TEXT
Together Alone.[1991].[eng].avi
Tom of Finland          TEXT
Tongues Untied.[1990].[eng].avi

Torch Song Trilogy.[1988].[eng].avi
Tootsie        Trailer       TEXT
Total Eclipse.[1995].[eng].avi
Totally Confused.[1998].[eng].avi
Totally Fucked Up.[1993].[eng].avi
Touch Of Pink.[2004].[eng].avi
Toilers and Wagfarers   X
Transfixed.[2001].[french].[eng subs].avi
Traveling to Olympia.[2001].[eng].avi        Trailer       TEXT
Trembling Before GD.[2001].[eng].avi

Tropical Malady (Sud Pralad) 1of2.[2004].[eng].srt
Tropical Malady (Sud Pralad) 2of2.[2004].[eng].srt
Tropical Malady (Sud Pralad) part 1-2.[2004].[thai].[sep. eng subs].avi
Tropical Malady (Sud Pralad) part 2-2.[2004].[thai].[sep. eng subs].avi
True Love - 7 Short Gay Films.[2004].[eng].avi
Tudo Sobre Minha Mae    Trailer
Twist of Faith.[2004].[eng].avi
Two Brothers and Two Others.[2000].[eng].avi
Two Drifters (Odete).[2005].[portugese].[eng subs].avi
Two of Us.[1987].[eng].avi
Tying The Knot.[2004].[eng].avi


Un Amour a Taire (A Love to Hide).[2005].[french].[no subs].avi      Trailer
Un Año Sin Amor.[2005].[spanish].[eng subs] .avi

Un Coeur Sauvage.[2005].[french].[no subs].avi
Un Fils.[2003].[eng].srt
Un Fils.[2003].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Un Mauvais Fils.[1980].[eng].srt
Un Mauvais Fils.[1980].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Un parfum nommé Saïd.[2003].[french].[no subs].avi
Unconditional Love CD1.[2002].[eng].avi
Unconditional Love CD2.[2002].[eng].avi
Uncut .[1997].[eng].avi
Under One Roof.[2002].[eng].avi
Une Affaire De Gout.[2000].[dutch].srt
Une Affaire De Gout.[2000].[french].[sep. dutch subs].avi
Une Affaire De Gout.[dutch].srt
Une Voix d’Homme.[2002].[french].[no subs].avi

Vegas In Space.[1991].[eng].avi
Verliebte Jungs    X
Velvet Goldmine.[1998].[eng].avi
Vereda Tropical.[2004].[portugese].[no subs].avi
Village People - Can’t Stop The Music.CD2.[1980].[eng].mpg
Violet’s Visit.[1995].[eng].avi
Visions of Sugarplums       TEXT

Vito And The Others.[1991].[italian].[eng subs].avi
Vive L’Amour (Aiqing Wansui) 1of2.[1994].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi
Vive L’Amour (Aiqing Wansui) 1of2.[1994].[eng].srt
Vive L’Amour (Aiqing Wansui) 2of2.[1994].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi
Vive L’Amour (Aiqing Wansui) 2of2.[1994].[eng].srt
Vivre Me Tue.[2002].[french].[no subs].avi     Trailer      TEXT
Vulgar.[2000].[eng].avi    Trailer      TEXT


Walk On Water.[2004].[eng].srt

Walk On Water.[2004].[israeli].[sep. eng subs].avi
Walking On Water.[2002].[eng].avi   X
Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken   X  
Trailer    TEXT
Water Drops on Burning Rocks.[2000].[eng].srt
Water Drops on Burning Rocks.[2000].[french].[sep. eng subs].avi
Waterboys.[2001].[japanese].[sep. eng subs].avi
We Think The World Of You.[1988].[eng].avi
Wedding Wars    Trailer    TEXT
Welcome Home Bobby.[1998].[eng].avi
Welcome To Destination Shanghai.[2003].[chinese].[eng subs].avi

Westler (East Of The Wall).[1985].[german].[no subs].avi   X
Wet Hot American Summer.[2001].[eng].avi
When Beckham Met Owen.[2004].[chinese].[sep. eng subs].avi
When Beckham Met Owen.[2004].[eng].srt
When Boys Fly.[2002].[eng].avi
When Love Comes.[1998].[eng].avi
Whole New Thing.[2005].[eng].avi
Wilby Wonderful.[2004].[eng].avi
Wild Reeds.[2004].[french].[eng subs].avi
Wild Side.[2004].[french].[eng subs].avi     Trailer      TEXT
Wild Tigers I have known      TEXT
Wilde Herzen (Les Roseaux Sauvages).[1994].[german].[no subs].avi
Wings 1of2.[1927].[eng].avi
Wings 2of2.[1927].[eng].avi
Withnail and I.[1987].[eng].avi
Women In Love.[1969].[eng].avi

Wonder Boys.[2000].[eng].avi
World And Time Enough.[1994].[eng].avi          Trailer      TEXT
WTC View.[2005].[eng].avi          Trailer          TEXT


X2000-The Collected Shorts Of Francois Ozon.[1994].[french].[eng subs].avi
XXY   X          Trailer           TEXT


Yossi & Jagger.[2002].[israeli].[eng subs].avi
You Are Not Alone (Du Er Ikke Alene).[1978].[danish].[eng subs].avi   X

You I Love (Ya Lyublu Tebya).[2004].[eng].srt   X       Trailer      TEXT
You I Love (Ya Lyublu Tebya).[2004].[russian].[sep. eng subs].avi
Young Soul Rebels.[1991].[eng].avi


Zerophilia          Trailer          TEXT
Zero Patience.[1993].[eng].avi
Zorro The Gay Blade.[1981].[eng].avi

Zurück auf Los.[2000].[eng].srt
Zurück Auf Los.[2000].[german].[sep. eng subs].avi
Zus & Zo (Hotel Paraiso).[2001].[dutch].[no subs].avi      Trailer      TEXT



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